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Are active citizens healthy citizens? Evaluating the health effects of community engagement and global citizenship

Original research Nic Mattock Introduction Global citizenship is a relatively new concept that broadly includes facets of social awareness, activism, ...
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Cancer Drugs: The Controversial Cost

Editorial Tessa Tan Introduction Cancer, with its many permutations, carries the greatest burden of disease in Australia at one-fifth the ...
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Guidelines for low birth weight: a literature review comparing national guidelines in Vietnam with WHO guidelines

Review article Line M Pederson Background This study was prompted by the persisting high prevalence of low birth weight (LBW) ...
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Interview with Professor Barry Marshall

Interview Zoe Wood Professor Barry Marshall is an Australian Nobel Prize Laureate in the field of gastroenterology and microbiology. Early ...
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Mental illness in refugees fleeing conflict and persecution: what can be done?

Review article John Koh Introduction The United Nations Refugee Agency estimates that there are currently 22.5 million refugees worldwide, most ...
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Poor mental health: the relationship between poverty and mental health in low and middle income countries

Review article Salwa Sayeed & Damindri Fernando Introduction The World Health Organization (WHO) defines mental health as a state of ...
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Six weeks at HealthServe

Elective Report Sarah Tan Yingli & Kai Yuan Tey B was leaving Singapore that weekend, heading home to Bangladesh. His ...
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State of emergency: a call to action on environmental issues

Feature article Ike Schwartz Modifiable environmental factors account for almost a quarter of global deaths.[1] Climate change and associated environmental ...
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The Gaza Healthcare System

Feature Article Qazi Sarem Shabab Introduction The land of Palestine has long been subject to conflict between the Palestinian Arabs ...
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This is just how it is when they’re old: obstacles to care of the elderly in rural Philippines

Feature Article Marisse Sonido Before I saw my grandma, my lola, again this year, I knew she would not be ...
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