Upon submission of a manuscript to Vector Journal, the author attests to the following;

– The work is their own, with no part of the manuscript plagiarised from other sources.

– Proper referencing is provided for all sources used to inform their work.

–  All manuscripts will be reviewed by a plagiarism detection software.

– Strong action will be taken against plagiarism cases.


The original owner/author will retain copyright over all articles submitted to Vector Journal. This permits authors to reproduce their contribution, in whole or in part, in any printed text for which they are an author.


Author’s of articles in Vector Journal will not be subject to charges. AMSA Global Health promotes the sharing of knowledge and encourages writing, reflection and engagement with current global health issues. For this reason, we do not charge authors with the aim of removing any financial barriers to contribution.

Open access:

Vector Journal is a fully open access journal. AMSA Global Health promotes the sharing of knowledge, ideas and creative works through open access, allowing for the free flow of information. Vector Journal is fully committed to making articles free to access, reuse, repurpose and redistribute. We believe this allows for increased readership, more rapid publication and most importantly the open sharing of research, experiences and knowledge in the area of global health. By openly sharing knowledge we hope to encourage reflection, evaluation and the development of solutions to current issues in global health.